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Out of the 200 contractors APS works with, SMW Refrigeration and Heating was chosen as one of the top 10 contractors and recipient for the “AC Rebate All-Star Award”. They don’t rank you specifically because everyone in the top 10 is the best in the valley. APS ranked us based off of our quality of work, the number of failed rebates, customer service complaints, and the volume of rebates relative to the size of our company. They went out to our jobs and saw that for the past year back in 2015 that we delivered a high-quality service for replacing air conditioners. Our installers are very detailed oriented and they are trained to deliver a high-quality job when performing an AC replacement. When it came to you getting a rebate (that qualified) we saw to it that all of our customers received one after their installation. Great customer satisfaction has always been one of our strong points and APS recognized us for that. We are a smaller company in  the valley which is good that the size of the company to the volume of rebates was taken into account because it shows that we proportionally outperform most other companies. If you’ve had us out or are thinking about it, remember that you’re dealing with one of the best in the valley.

Our service technicians, dispatchers, and installers all worked hard for this to become reality and is an epitome of our strong work ethic and rigorous standards. Below is the plaque on top of one of our XV20i air conditioners.

2015 Top 10 Letter

Click The Image Above To Get A Good Look At The Letter APS Sent Us