If your reading this right now you may be feeling the heat from an A/C breakdown and your probably wondering what to do if your air conditioner breaks down.

We made it easy for you and broke down the 3 things you should check before calling for an A/C repair.

1050 thermostat

1.) Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of your homes air conditioning system, it tells the unit to turn on and cool your home when the temperature goes above what it’s set to. Check if your unit is set to Auto Mode, that is the mode that automatically turns on your unit when temperatures go above what you have it set to. If your system is set to On Mode then your units fan is just blowing air throughout your home, its not going by the temperature your thermostat is set to, that could solve your problem right there. If your unit is on Auto mode but not working switch to On Mode briefly, if you notice your indoor fan working for your unit then at least you can tell the contractor who comes out that there is power to the unit. Last if your thermostat is blank check to see if there are batteries in it (some homes have power wired to the thermostat, so you may not need batteries).

2. Air Filter

Your air filter, filters all the air in your home before its cooled by your evaporator coil. These filters can get so dirty that they restrict the airflow throughout your home. If restricted enough your evaporator coil wont evaporate moisture on the coil and will freeze due to the cold temperature of the Freon. Enough freezing will occur that your unit wont have any airflow because of how much ice will build up on the evaporator coil. Simply check your filter and if its dirty change it out, leave your unit off to allow for defrosting, once its been maybe a couple hours turn the unit back on. If problem with no cooling persist, call an HVAC company like us out.

breaker box

3.) Breaker Box

Your breaker box contains switches that allow electric current to certain zones of your house, in this case your air conditioner. The breaker may have just flipped from too much current passing. Simply go outside or in your garage, check out the breaker box, if you see where its labeled for your AC unit that its flipped down, then flip it back up and your unit may work again. If the problem occurs very often or it didnt work at all, call an HVAC professional like us.

If your unit is still not cooling you should call an HVAC company out for a service call and leave your unit off. It could be frozen over and leaving it off will help the technician make his diagnosis.

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