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If your air conditioner or heat pump has stopped cooling this Summer, we offer our AC repair service throughout Phoenix. Our group of skilled technicians is committed to making accurate diagnoses and doing an awesome AC repair. You have found a company that is ready to perform service, build a lasting relationship with our customers and prove that we are experts in the HVAC industry.

  • We Service the Whole Phoenix Metropolitan
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  • $55 Diagnoses Fee Any Other Time
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Why Choose Us

Accurate Repair Diagnoses

We’re more than prepared to go out in the midst of a hot sunny day for you and we make it our priority to provide you with an accurate and affordable solution. We will diagnose what needs to be done in order to fix your air conditioner but it’s up to you to go with our recommended diagnoses. Our technicians can pinpoint your AC repair down to small components like relays and run capacitors, all the way up to something major like the compressor or coils. Don’t spend a day too long burning up, when you can have one of our expert technicians make his diagnoses.

Expert Technicians

We’re the best choice for an AC repair because we have a family of professional technicians who are experts with air conditioners and heat pumps. They are experts because they are knowledgeable and experienced, and they exercise that experience with frequent training and testing. Our tough standards and an awesome job done, are why so many people are satisfied with us and why we have great reviews. You have found a company that stands out from others with great customer satisfaction and perfect AC repairs. 

History Since 1964

We have been family owned and serving the valley since 1964, our heritage is rooted in servicing Phoenix air conditioners. Ever since our beginning, we have maintained a great standing with the Arizona ROC and the Better Business Bureau. We have also developed a good online reputation on the internet over the past few years. Our long history here in the valley is why you can expect great service and a company that will continue to take care of Arizona residents for generations to come.


We are certified to work on air conditioners and heat pumps because it’s necessary in order to handle the refrigerants used in them. Our technicians all have their EPA certification and we have technicians that are BPI and NATE certified. Alongside our certifications were also licensed, bonded, and insured.

Emergency Service

Our emergency AC repair service is free Monday to Friday between 9am to 5 pm and $55 any other time you need us out. You can rely on SMW to take care of your air conditioner because we will be ready to fix it anytime a breakdown happens in the whole Phoenix metropolitan.

You Can See a Video Below Of Our Technicians Diagnosing a Freon Leak

Common Repairs

Common repairs we do for air conditioners and heat pumps.

Bad Capacitor

Capacitors control the running and starting of the motors for your air conditioner, there are two types, start and run capacitors. If your start capacitor goes out then your fan motor for your condenser or evaporator will not start, and if your run capacitor goes out then your motors won’t be able to run after being started. We work on run capacitors year round because they are necessary for the unit to work. Capacitors can be caught before breaking down make sure you have annual maintenance to prevent air conditioner breakdowns.

Frozen Indoor Coil

Your systems evaporator coil (aka indoor coil) can get so frozen that it will actually block airflow. It can freeze up just by dirty filters restricting airflow. Low freon is another possible reason since the system is still reducing pressure and temperature as if there is the correct amount of freon, it will get too cold and once the coil drops below freezing temperature any moisture present will freeze on the coil. Regularly changing filters can help prevent this from becoming a problem.

Low Freon

If your systems low on freon then there is only so much heat that can be removed from the home, if any at all. In order for things to be cold, they must have heat removed from them. That’s why having the correct amount of freon in a system is very important. We perform low freon repairs mostly in the summer time for air conditioners and heat pumps. Maintenance can help prevent this from becoming a problem.

Bad Electrical Connections

Bad electrical connections can prevent your AC unit from communicating with your thermostat and will prevent your system from working. Annual maintenance can also help stop this problem from becoming a breakdown.

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Common HVAC Problems
Repair Prices
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Kevin came out and his report was in line with a previous inspection. He recommended several paths forward and priced out each. We opted for the full repair and he completed it the same day, for a great price and tested the system. Additionally he included a 1 year maintenance on the unit. I found them at a home show and 1st inspection was free, but they are worth a ton as they are honest and professional.
Michael G, on 1/7/16

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