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If your heat has stopped working this winter, we provide heat repair for heat pumps and gas furnaces for the entire Phoenix-Metropolitan. We have expert technicians with years of experience that can make accurate diagnoses and perform a quality repair. If you need someone out because you’re caught in the cold call today! 

  • We Operate 24/7!
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  • $55 Diagnoses Fee Any Other Time
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  • Trained and Certified Technicians
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Why Choose Us


When it comes to expertise, our technicians have years of field experience, prior education, and routine training that guarantee satisfaction. Our demanding standards are why so many people are happy and why we have great reviews. You have found a company that separates themselves from the rest because were a group of expert technicians that focus on earning your satisfaction. 

Accurate Repair Diagnoses

We make it our priority to provide you with an accurate and affordable, heat repair solution. We will figure out what needs to be done but it is your decision to go with our recommendation. Our technicians can find your solution down to small components like relays and run capacitors all the way up to something major like the compressor or coils. Call today and find out what we can do to fix your gas furnace or heat pump.

Emergency Service

During the winter time, we offer our emergency heat repair service for when your unit breaks down because there can be below freezing temperatures during the night time and sometimes during the day. We are a reliable company that operates 24/7 just in case of an emergency situation that calls for repair.

You Can See A Video Below Of A Freon Leak Diagnosed On A Heat Pump In The Winter

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Gas Furnace Repairs

Common repairs we do for gas furnaces.

Blower Motor

Just like any air conditioning equipment a gas furnace needs a fan to bring that comfy warm air to you. The blower motor could have gone bad and that’s why there is no air being delivered. Also, a bad start capacitor can prevent it from starting and a run capacitor can prevent it from running.

Heat Exchanger

The heat that is transferred from the combusted gas in the furnace is transferred through the heat exchanger. It cools and heats a lot so it expands and shrinks a lot which may cause it to crack. If the heat exchanger is cracked enough it won’t transfer heat and will leave your home in the cold.

Pilot Light

The pilot light is what ignites the furnace in order for it to heat your home. They can usually be lighted again but if it keeps going out then it may need to be replaced.

Heat Pump Repairs

Common repairs we do for heat pumps.

Low Freon

Heat pumps use Freon to heat the home. There may be a Freon leak that wasn’t caught during the summer or maybe it recently occurred. Your system may be running low on Freon.

Frozen Condenser Coil

Your unit has a defrost mode for when it gets too cold outside and your coils get frozen. Basically, the unit switches back into cooling mode and defrost the condenser by bringing heat to the coils. A bad defrost board will prevent the unit from switching into this brief cooling mode, leaving your unit frozen and stopping the cycle of bringing heat into your home.

Electrical Connections

Bad electrical connections can prevent your heat pump from communicating with your thermostat, relay, or circuit board. Those parts can also go bad and cause a breakdown.

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We were very impressed by their wonderful service and follow-up. They came out quickly on a holiday, gave us the best price & value. Everyone was very helpful, friendly & courteous. They even provided assistance with a non-related issue. Would definitely recommend them!
Suzanne K, on 2/4/16

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