supco surge protector
SMW Refrigeration and Heating, LLC, is reaching out to all of our customers to advise of a possible fire hazard due to the Supco brand surge protectors we’ve installed since 2013. We have found on several of our jobs that these surge protectors have caught fire and burned out. While there has not been a customer who has had a serious fire issue, taking care of our customers is our main priority. We encourage all of our customers to inspect their units to make sure they don’t have one installed on their unit. If you are not sure where to look or cannot find it then feel free to give us a call so we can review your invoices for items that may have been sold and possibly send a technician out to fix the problem. Please do not try to remove the surge protector, only someone licensed like one of our technicians should remove it. There is not a government recall but again the safety of our customers is our main priority and we want to make sure everyone has an air conditioner they can operate safely, so we are doing our own recall. Call today if you know you’ve had one of these surge protectors installed by us or suspect you have one.