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If you need an HVAC company near you in Tempe, AZ that can perform, repair, maintenance, and installation, then you’re in luck because we’re a Tempe-based air conditioning and heating company that also goes valley wide.

In the past, we’ve serviced neighborhoods like:

  • Lindon Park
  • Sunset
  • Clark Park
  • Daley Park
  • Hudson Manor
  • Rural-Geneva
  • Mc Clintock 

We’re a company that is prepared for customers needs and we are reliable and focused on customer satisfaction.

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Get a New Air Conditioner in Tempe

  • Free quotes for replacement jobs
  • Free quotes for new construction and remodel jobs but email us the plans at
  • Trane Comfort Specialist

AC Replacement

If its time to get rid of that old unit, we install air conditioners with furnaces and heat pumps and offer the best AC replacement service to residents of Tempe. Each replacement job is focused on one at a time so you get a well-done and high-quality job. A quality installation is very important because a bad install will cause you to deal with breakdowns throughout the air conditioners life. We have chosen some of the best installers around and they have an awesome background of experience and knowledge. You can be sure that your units going to be installed by a professional crew that shines with their experience, diligence, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

 With A New AC Unit You Get…

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Better Comfort
  • Improved Reliability
  • Rebates On Qualifying Systems

New Construction and Remodels

If your building a new home or doing a big remodel job thats going to require a whole system installation, meaning the linesets, ductwork, electrical, and the equipment itself, we can do your job. Normally we go out to give our quote but since these jobs are “big” we require that you email us the plans and if you don’t have any, we can possibly help with the air conditioning plans and give our quote. Our installers have done these jobs before, each being very unique. If your ready to have an experienced team of installers take care of you, then send the plans on over!

Trane Dealer

Our brand of choice is Trane when it comes to air conditioning units, it’s not easy to become a dealer for them because they want the best companies around. In order to be a dealer, we had to prove how good we are and earn their title of Trane Comfort Specialist. We proved to them that we are the best in on the field service; installation, customer service and on-going staff training, as well as having NATE certified technicians on staff. We wanted to sell Trane products because we wanted our customers to have high-quality systems at an affordable and fair rate. Trane’s air conditioners are the best when it comes to high-efficiency ratings and they are all durable and reliable. These high-quality systems combined with expert installers to put them in, create a situation where customers know they are backed by a quality build of AC unit and an awesome install where the system will work as designed and last most of its life without repair.

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Tempe HVAC Repair

  • Free service calls Monday to Friday between 9am to 5 pm
  • $55 diagnoses fee any other time.
  • Our service is offered 24 hours 7 days a week in the case of emergency.
  • We always leave it up to you to go with the recommended work.
  • Air conditioners, heat, and heat pumps.

AC Repair

When you’re trying to cool down your home this summer and spring (maybe even fall!) we will be ready for any air conditioning break down. Being ready for that possible breakdown means were going to be answering the phone 24/7, it means routine technician training, and that we will have a technician to dispatch. Our HVAC technicians regularly perform our AC repair service in Tempe because of our offices proximity and of course since were in Arizona a lot of air conditioners need repair. If you need repair this season our knowledgeable technicians will deliver an expert AC repair service to fix your unit.

Heat Pump Repair

Whether cooling or heating, heat pumps can do both for you all in one system. Since they can cool or heat we work on these systems year round for repairs. Most customers get these systems because they work best in mild winter climates like Tempe and it keeps their air conditioning all in one. They can cool or heat by way of a reversing valve, other than that all the components are just about the same as an air conditioner. We’re Tempe’s heat pump repair specialist!

Heat Repair 

It can actually get cold enough for people to need heat in Tempe, Arizona, that’s why we offer our heat repair service. In the winter we repair gas furnaces, heat strips, and heat pumps. Even though heat repairs are needed for only a few moths of the year, we will still have a technician ready for you 24/7. Our technicians have years of experience so were ready for any problem you’re dealing with. Our professional technician will find a solution if you need heat repair.

Reasons For Breakdowns

We outlined why gas furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners break down.

 Why Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Breakdown

  • Low Freon: If your air conditioner is low on Freon then there wont be any refrigerant in the system to cool your home or heat if using a heat pump. Obviously if it has leaked out then that’s why you’ve lost cooling. Determining what needs to be done is another story and requires a leak search. Replacing one of the coils may be necessary in order to remedy the situation.
  • Electrical Connections: Your system communicates with the thermostat and circuit boards or relays, to tell it what to do and when to do it. If the electrical connections between these vital components are somehow bad, then your unit is not going to work.
  • Run/Start Capacitor: A capacitor that either starts the system or keeps it running could have just gone out which will make the system inoperable. It could be the start or run cap for something like a fan motor which distributes air.
  • Frozen Coil: Your coil may just be frozen due to a dirty air filter which will prevent airflow. If your filters dirty just change it our real quick. The condenser and evaporator coil can freeze.
  • Major Breakdowns: Your system may have had a major breakdown where you might need to replace a major component like your condenser, evaporator coils, compressor, or air handler/furnace; sometimes customers have to get new units due to their current system having a history of repairs.
  • Reversing Valve (heat pumps only): The reversing vavle controls the flow of freon for heat pump systems. If the reversing valve is stuck in heating mode then the system wont cool or heat.

 Why Gas Furnaces Breakdown

  • Lack Of Maintenance: Not having routine check-ups done may have left components that were beginning to go out unnoticed and they have now gone out.
  • Electric Ignition or Pilot Light: Your furnace might not be due to these components. There will be no heat to be distributed and you may have to deal with some coldness.
  • Heat Exchanger: If your heat exchanger has gone bad then there will be no heat for the air in your home to absorb preventing the warming of your home.
  • Combustion Chamber: If your combustion chamber isn’t mixing fuels and burning them, then there will be no heat produced for the heat exchanger to distribute.
  • Blower Motor: If your blower motor has gone out, commonly due to a bad run capacitor, then air will not be delivered.
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  • $39 First Unit and $20 Each Additional Unit
  • 1lb. of Freon if System is Running Low
  • Prevent Breakdowns and Improve Efficiency

Routine maintenance for your AC and heating system is vital to it operating properly. The condition of the system needs to be assessed so you know why your electric bills are high and so you can prevent a breakdown.

AC and Heat Pump Checklist

Well do the maintenance checklists below to check the cooling for your air conditioner, and for the heat pump well do the same for both the cooling and heat check. We want to make sure everything’s working fine and not beginning to go out so you don’t have to deal with a costly breakdown this upcoming season.

  • Check Thermostat Operation: Your thermostat is the brain of your air conditioning system and is checked to make sure your system is cycling on and off appropriately.
  • Clean or Replace Standard Filter (Customer Supplied): If you give us a filter to replace we will replace it for you because the filters are a very important part of the AC unit. They keep your units indoor coil clean which is a big part of the systems efficiency. Changing them will also help your unit have better airflow as long as they are clean.
  • Check Air Flow: After changing your filter as long as you have given us a new one, we will check your systems airflow and make sure there is good air distribution.
  • Check Your Air Conditioner’s Refrigerant Charge And Adjust As Needed: The freon your air conditioner uses is necessary to cool down your home and heat it up if using a heat pump. We will help you out with 1lb. if your unit is running low. (Refrigerant leak checks, repairs, and adding refrigerant beyond 1 lb*. will incur additional costs.)
  • Lubricate Motors (if applicable): Older air conditioners have bearings that are not sealed down to the bearings so if you have an older unit we will help it work more efficiently by lubricating it.
  • Inspect All Electrical Components, Fan Blades, And Coils: These components if they have any wear and/or damage will cause losses in the efficiency of your system. Fan blades may need to be replaced or coils may just need to be cleaned.
  • Tighten Loose Electrical Connections: Loose connections can cause your system to work improperly and in turn lose system efficiency. If the connections aren’t addressed they can get worse and cause a breakdown.
  • Check And Adjust Fan Speeds: The technician may find that your fans on the wrong speed which if he does and fixes, you will have better air distribution and that will save you money by satisfying the thermostat better.
  • Inspect Drain Line and Drain Pan: During monsoon season when there is a lot more water in the valley, your unit will need to drain. Our technician will let you know if your units ready to drain.
  • Digitally Record Air Temperature Differential Between The Supply And Return Air: The temperature differential will tell the technician if your system is cooling off the air enough. When cooling there needs to be about an 18-degree difference between what is going into the ductwork and what is coming out.

* New Customers Only

Furnace Checklist

Routine maintenance once a year before winter or even during winter is necessary for preventing breakdowns, thats why we recommend scheduling heat maintenance for your gas furnace. Go over the checklist below and have us out to prevent major breakdowns this season.

  • Check For Any Gas Leaks: Gas leaks if caught soon enough will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, or even explosions!
  • Check The Pilot Light: The pilot light gets the rest of your heating system started we need to make sure its going to operate properly for the winter.
  • Inspect The Main Burner: Your fuel for your system needs to be mixed and burned in order for heat to be transferred which is why we like to make sure that the main burner is going to operate properly.
  • Inspect The Main Gas Line: The main gas line delivers the gas to your furnace, its important that there are no leaks so that your system is efficiently burning all the fuel it receives.
  • Check The Main Shut Off Valve: We check the main shut off valve to make sure it works in case of an emergency, where your gas line needs to be shut off.
  • Carbon Monoxide Check: We will check if there is any carbon monoxide in the home from your furnace because it’s deadly. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide sensor in your home you should talk to your technician about getting one.
  • Check Limit Controls: The limit controls will control when your fan turns on and off. We check them to make sure your fan is operating efficiently and not wasting money.
  • Inspect The Thermocouple: We check the thermocouple for proper placement and signs of deterioration; it’s important because it measures how much heat is being generated.

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