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The 3 Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner

cleaning a filter in an AC
Taking care of your homes air conditioner is a big deal. Neglecting your unit will cost you a lot in utility bills and fixing breakdowns, you might even wind up replacing the whole thing. There are 3 major things that should be done to take care of your AC.

1.) Change Your Filters

We’ve gone over this in a lot of our post but the number one thing you can do to take care of your air conditioner is change the filters. They will get dirty if not changed which will cause your unit to work harder since there is inadequate airflow. Your unit working harder will raise utility bills and possibly even lead to a breakdown. Most people can do this on their own, so put on your calendars that once a month you will change your filter(s).
Trane Condenser

2.) Get Your Coils Cleaned

Your home is made cool by having heat removed from it, the coils play a very important part to this. You have a coil that is for the inside and one for the outside. The inside one picks up heat and takes it to the outside where it can be removed. If any of the coils are dirty than this process of heat transfer is being slowed and could possibly even stop. An HVAC professional like us can clean those coils down to the finest detail so your unit runs at maximum efficiency.
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3.) Routine Maintenance

Apart of taking care of your air conditioner is having an HVAC professional perform an inspection during routine maintenance. We recommend a check up every 6 months, one for cooling and one for heating. The HVAC professional will be able to tell you from the data he records if you are lacking in an area of efficiency, if you need to repair a part to prevent a breakdown, or everything might just be fine. Something to improve efficiency would be cleaning coils and preventing a breakdown can be changing out a small component like a run capacitor.

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