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6 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not As Cold As It Used To Be

6 Reasons Why Your AC Is Not As Cold As It Used To Be
This summer you may have noticed that your homes not as cool as it used to be. So you’re wondering why isn’t my air conditioner cooling off my home like it used too? Luckily we have 6 reasons listed below!

1.) Your Thermostat

Some people overlook their thermostat settings and don’t realise its set to a higher temperature than what they want or they just have the fan on. Make sure your thermostat is at your desired temperature and that it is on “auto mode” not “on mode” because “on mode” will just turn on the fan and blow air.
Undersized Ductwork

2.) Your Ductwork Is Not Big Enough

You may have ductwork that isn’t big enough, causing kinks where there are turns and bends. This reduces airflow and prevents you from getting all the cool air you need. Kinks in the ductwork are sharper bends and turns and make more resistance. For good air flow, there needs to be the least amount of resistance as possible. Undersized ductwork could be preventing you from cooling your home all the way down.
Old Return

3.) Duct Work Leak

Tears may occur on your ductwork, that will leak the air your AC just worked hard to cool. There are a few things that can be done to repair a leak, someone can try to seal it themselves by hand, replace the entire ductwork or you can you have us perform an Aeroseal to seal up your ductwork. We recommend Aeroseal because it’s a technology that uses polymer particles blown through your duct work and seals the leaks from the inside.

Old and new filters

4.) Dirty Air Filter

Whens the last time you changed you air filter? Chances are you just realised you don’t know or its been a long time.

clean air filter is necessary for your ducts to have good airflow. Your blower motor for your ductwork pulls air through the filter, thus filtering the dirt in the air that is pulled through to keep your unit clean. Eventually, after filtering so much air for months at a time your air filter will have so much build up that it will restrict the air flow of your system, reducing efficiency. This may cause dirt build up in your fan and coil, so even if you change the filter there may already be build up on the coil restricting air flow. Build up on the coil will decrease your system’s efficiency by making it harder for you systems freon to absorb heat and remove it from your home.

fan motor

5.) Fan Motors Going Out

One of the motors for your air conditioners fans may be going out or maybe even both, one is located at the condenser coil and the other at the evaporator coil. The fan at the condenser going out will slow the amount of heat being removed from your home and the fan at your evaporator will slow the amount of heat being absorbed to be removed by the condenser. PSC fans will definitely wear out, they are cheap in design and are not durable. The ECM motors are newer and deliver a constant torque, so they deliver a consistent amount of air but can still possibly be going out.
tank running on empty

6.) Low Freon

Your system needs freon in order to remove heat from your home and cool it down. It needs to remove heat because that’s how things are made coolerheat is removed. So when running low on freon your system is beginning to lose its ability to remove heat. If your just noticing that some of the rooms are getting hotter, a freon leak may have recently began and you should contact a professional like us. Don’t wait too long, when your system is out of freon or you won’t have any cool air at all!

Old Ruud AC Unit

You Might Just Have an Old AC Unit or Need Maintenance

An old AC unit may not perform like she used to just due to the wear and tear throughout the years. Combine that with routine maintenance not being performed and your systems will definitely not be as cold as it used to be. If you’ve had a few breakdowns over the years they will probably continue to come because the unit is not able to endure a lot. There can be a few things done to save your system’s efficiency at its old age, like costly replacements of the compressor and the condenser or evaporator coils. Those repairs are not worth your time or much more than replacing the system itself. It may be time to replace your air conditioner. If your unit’s been around for less than 10 years we recommend scheduling a routine maintenance tune up to find where your system is losing efficiency when producing cool air.
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