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The 3 Wonderful Benefits Of Duct Sealing


A lot of homeowners are well aware that their duct system is very important, especially because it delivers the desired effects of the air conditioner throughout the home. Unfortunately, a lot of air conditioners can be losing about %30 of their cooling due to leaks, holes, and loose connections. Most people may think to replace the whole thing but thanks to modern technology it’s more cost effective to have it sealed. We’re going to cover the benefits of a duct seal below as well as the Aeroseal method.=


3 benefits on why you should get a duct seal.

1. Efficiency and Electrical Cost

Your air conditioner works very hard to deliver that nice cool air to your home and you work very hard to pay for it. When your air conditioner doesn’t have adequate air flow then the thermostat will take longer to be satisfied resulting in longer run times of the air conditioner. The air conditioner running a lot and not getting results is obviously going to cost more money. Therefore having your ducts sealed will help save you money by having a more satisfied thermostat.

2. Comfort

Once most of the leaks have been sealed, you will have better airflow and less dust in your home, which creates a more comfortable environment. Having your ductwork sealed promotes better air distribution since there isn’t any air escaping into the attic and less dust since it’s unable to get into the ductwork. A duct seal will promote better comfort with improved air flow and a cleaner living environment.

3. Less Emissions

All the energy your home uses comes from the power plant where fossil fuels are burned to be converted into energy. The power plant produces emissions that contribute to global warming, smog, and acid rain. Making your air conditioner more efficient by sealing the ducts is going to use less power which in turn will help reduce emissions. Duct sealing also helps the environment!


We recommend the Aeroseal method when it comes to having your ducts sealed. It’s a process almost entirely controlled by a computer that pressurizes the duct system and it uses micro-polymers. Basically, the ductwork is pressurized to find leaks, the computer analyzes all the data collected from that and then it pressurizes again, except the second time it uses micro-polymers to seal the ductwork where air is escaping. This method is the most effective because there is no room for human error behind the computer and it’s very effective.

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