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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

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All year round there are customers who call in with concerns about how loud their air conditioner is. Smaller system components can be wearing down and a major breakdown could be ready to happen. Typically problems with loud noises can be prevented with regular maintenance. Having an HVAC technician out is like having the doctor out for a regular check up for your AC, so be sure to have one out so that way you can prevent problems with your unit. The compressor and fan blades alone can already be loud, there are some fixes to that problem though, an HVAC technician could recommend a compressor sound enclosure and lubricating the fan blades. Modern systems are designed to operate quieter than older systems, if you have an old system then it could just be that its louder than newer systems. However here are many reasons to why the unit can be making strange-loud noises, well cover a few here.

Rattling: The air conditioner is a large machine that will vibrate itself when running. The vibrations can cause panels and components to come loose and create a rattling sound from loose screws. In this case there is nothing too bad, the screws on the panels pretty much just need to be tightened.

Squeaking: Squeaking can mean that bearings are beginning to wear out in the air conditioner. Bearings are found on the fan motors for the condenser and air handler/furnace. Just like how a run capacitor going bad can lead to your unit going out, if the problem is not addressed by an HVAC technician, then you could be in trouble in the future for system failure.

Grinding: Again bearings are going out but in this case, its more immediate, your air conditioner is going to break down very soon. Contact an HVAC professional like us for a diagnoses and repair.

Hissing: Freon is in copper tubes and coils throught the system. If there is a leak in your system, the hissing sound could be an early sign. Contact an HVAC professional to find the noise then determine if there is freon leaking. Temperature readings can determine if your low on freon. However a leak detection must first be done before any repair to leaks can be performed. Another sign your leaking freon is that your noticing warmer rooms and higher utility bills.

Strange-loud sounds from your air conditioner need to be diagnosed by an HVAC technician. If your units having these problems we can have a technician out for diagnoses and repair.

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