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The Cost Effectiveness Of Replacing Your Air Conditioner

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The cost effectiveness of replacing your air conditioner depends on its energy usage, the climate, the quality of the job done to replace it and the build and design quality of what unit is chosen. Depending on what you decide to do your air conditioner replacement can result in saving you money in the long run with no hassle, or it will cost you more money than before you had it replaced.
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Energy Efficiency

The amount of energy the system uses that it converts into either cool or hot air will decide the efficiency of the system. If the air conditioner you purchase is cheap, chances are it isn’t going to be very efficient and in that case will cost your more money in the long run. Energy efficient systems are more expensive at first but make up for that cost in the long run by using less energy to produce cool air.
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In hotter climates like Phoenix the outdoor temperature in the summer and the indoor temperature you have your thermostat set to is going to be about 30 to 40 degrees different. With a temperature spread like that an energy efficient system is going to save you money because even though it will work a lot, the cheaper less efficient system is going to work twice as hard in order to keep your home cool.
Craning in a new unit

Quality Installation

Finally having a quality job performed for your air conditioner replacement will play a major role in the cost effectiveness. The install job will effect the longevity of your system, its regular operation and the energy efficiency. Systems are designed to be installed perfectly and when theres errors in the installation, there will be problems not only with the systems energy usage but also its going to have the need for repair throughout its life (which is why we work very hard to deliver a quality installation).

Before you have your air conditioner replaced, make sure your getting an energy efficient system and that the company you have perform the job is not only qualified, but that you know they’re going to deliver a good install.

We pride ourselves on our installs and replacements, alot of customers do see a great decrease in their utility bills and show that they made a great cost effective solution for their air conditioner.

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