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Invest in Your Indoor Air Quality to Enjoy These Benefits

Indoor Air Quality

If the air in your Tempe, AZ, home isn’t clean, your family might deal with health problems related to allergies and asthma. Keep reading to discover four reasons to invest in your indoor air quality and why scheduling an IAQ inspection is a critical first step.

Easier Breathing

Breathing easily might be something you take for granted, but your opinion might change the instant you can’t breathe. Contaminated air increases your chances of allergies and sickness, and inferior air quality puts unnecessary stress on your body and lungs. Clean air means your body can receive all the oxygen it needs to help you live a healthier life.

Lower Energy Bills

Maintaining good air quality involves specific steps. You must maintain proper humidity levels, ventilate your home and purify your air supply. These steps also optimize conditions for your home’s HVAC system so that it can work more efficiently. When your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have to work as hard to keep you comfortable, your utility bills should reflect less power usage and lower costs.

Fewer Allergens

Depending on where you live and your home’s unique circumstances, your HVAC system might have to deal with dust, cockroach debris, pollen and animal dander. All these are potential allergens that float through the air until they land on flat surfaces. Their presence can cause sneezing and suffering in your home, but proper filtration can prevent these issues. Change the filter every 30-90 days to reduce allergens in your home’s air.

Eliminate Odors

Unwanted odors are always possible in your home, and they can range from someone forgetting to clean after a pet to aromatic cooking one night. Rather than letting these smells linger and irritate residents and visitors, have a comfort specialist install an IAQ solution that breaks down organic materials causing the smells in the air.

Smoke, dust and other particulates can float in your home’s air for as long as you let them. The sooner you remove them, the less damage they do to furniture, drapes and everyone’s health. Contact SMW Refrigeration & Heating to schedule an indoor air quality inspection so you can start enjoying the benefits of healthy IAQ immediately.

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