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Navigating the Path to Sustainability: SMW Refrigeration & Heating’s Guide to Energy Efficiency Rebates

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At SMW Refrigeration & Heating, we are excited to discuss significant advancements under the Inflation Reduction Act, signed by President Biden, which earmarks $391 billion for clean energy initiatives. These developments, including the HOMES and High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate (HEEHRA) programs, promise not only to enhance energy efficiency but also to support Arizona families in reducing energy costs and improving environmental outcomes.

Understanding the Rebate Programs:

  1. Home Energy Efficiency (HOMES) Program: The HOMES program offers performance-based rebates for comprehensive energy-saving retrofits in homes. The rebate amount is directly proportional to the energy savings achieved, providing substantial incentives for homeowners to undertake significant upgrades to their heating and cooling systems.
  2. High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate (HEEHRA) Program: HEEHRA is particularly targeted at low-income and historically underserved communities, providing point-of-sale rebates for projects that electrify homes. Qualifying projects include the installation of ENERGY STAR-certified electric heat pumps—key equipment that SMW specializes in.

Support from the Arizona Governor’s Office: Governor Hobbs’ commitment to energy efficiency is reflected in the assignment of the Governor’s Office of Resiliency to manage these rebate programs. This office is set to leverage nearly $150 million in rebates to benefit Arizonans, aiming to start issuing these rebates by 2024.

How Can SMW Help You Benefit?

As part of our commitment to sustainability and community support, SMW Refrigeration & Heating is ready to guide you through the process of qualifying for these rebates:

    • Eligibility Consultations: We can help determine if your recent or planned upgrades qualify for rebates or tax credits, especially if you started your upgrades after August 16, 2022.
    • Comprehensive Home Assessments: We conduct thorough home assessments to ensure your projects meet energy savings goals, typically aiming for at least a 15% reduction in total home energy use.
    • Installation and Documentation: Our team ensures that all installations are compliant with rebate program requirements and we provide all necessary documentation, including detailed invoices and written acknowledgments of estimated energy savings.

Stakeholder Workshops and Community Involvement: We look forward to participating in upcoming stakeholder workshops hosted by the state. These sessions will be crucial for refining program details and ensuring the community’s needs are met. We invite our customers to join us in these discussions to voice their needs and suggestions.


SMW Refrigeration & Heating is here to help you navigate these new opportunities for energy efficiency improvements. By enhancing your home’s HVAC systems with us, you’re not just upgrading your equipment—you’re investing in a sustainable future and supporting Arizona’s energy resilience. Contact us today to learn more about how you can participate in these beneficial programs and start saving on your energy bills while helping the planet.

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