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Our Attention To Detail For AC Replacement

Furnace Joint

Our HVAC installers pay attention to every little detail when it comes to a proper AC replacement. The picture above is the joint to the gas line of a furnace. During the AC replacement our HVAC installers found that there was a slivered crack down the side of the joint, if you look closely you will be able to see it. If they didn’t pay attention to every detail they might have not noticed this small manufacturer error, and if the customer were to have ran the gas there would have been a fire hazard, that could have done serious damage to the home. Our HVAC installers are key to the success of our business, that’s why we take time to find a great crew of guys that are knowledgeable and take pride in their work.

If your thinking about a new AC unit that slivered crack on the gas joint is a great example of why we stand above other companys. Even if the other guy has a cheaper price is it really worth it if your not assured they’re going to perform a quality AC replacement. It definitely is not worth the amount of future problems that can occur from a faulty AC replacement. Your unit needs to run when it counts the most, meaning the hottest time of the day and coldest time of the night, a bad replacement will leave you needing repair in those crucial times. You can count on us to replace your AC unit professionally and after the jobs done your home will remain comfortable when it counts the most.

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