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Sun Lakes Resident Saves Big Time Money With New Unit

Sun Lakes Resident Saves Big Time Money With New Unit

On a recent seasonal checkup, In Sun Lakes Arizona, our technician Kevin found that a customer we installed new air conditioners for saved a substantial amount of money. The units were initially installed in September of 2015, so we have over a year of proven results that our efficient Trane units can save anybody money. The customer chose a top of the line 5 ton XV20i accompanied by a 1.5 ton XR16. The 5 ton XV20i cools most of the home while the 1.5 ton XR16 supports smaller areas. The customer showed us their bills and a report from SRP indicating that the new units improved efficiency and saved them a lot of money!

*New units come with seasonal check ups in a 2 year preventative maintenance agreement.

Improved Efficiency Is How They Saved Money

Tranes XV20i and XR16 are rated by Energy Star as high efficiency units, that simple change the customer made was mostly all they needed to improve efficiency. The 5 ton XV20i making up for most of the homes cooling has a high SEER rating of 20 combined with variable speed motors that can communicate electronically; it’s about as good as it gets when it comes to system efficiency. The 1.5 ton XR16, even though its single stage, it has a high SEER rating of 17 and works great as the smaller unit supporting the impressive XV20i. The collaboration of our flawless installation and excellent build of air conditioner is why this customer improved system efficiency, saving them money in the long run.

Their Review…

We highly recommend SMW for both service and new installs. SMW is a great company to work with and are both honest and professional. We had 2 new units installed. The main unit is a Trane XV20I variable speed. These two units saved us $150 during a peak Summer month compared to last year. Our home is much more comfortable with a more even temperature in all the rooms rather than having hot and cold spots as we had before. We also had Aero seal put in the ducts. We now have a home which shows virtually no dust. We recently had a follow up maintenance check with Kevin who was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had.

Give Ermanno a call and see what he can do for you.

Monthly Cost

In the images below you can see that the customer saved a lot more money in the summer time this year 2016 compared to 2014 and 2015. Their monthly usage this year for 2016 was around 2,000 kWh and the year before it was at about 3,200 kWh, they saved about 35% on their cost of utilities, a little more than a third saved. Their Energy Scorecard also indicates that they use 31% less energy than similar homes and that they used 19% less energy in the past 13 months. You can see the savings the new air conditioner brings on utility bills and the Energy Scorecard SRP gives their customers.

The Images Below Are The Customers Actual Utility Bill And SRP’s Energy Scorecard Which Compares Their Energy Usage To Other Similar Homes.

Monthly Cost
Energy Score Card
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