Common HVAC Problems

This page is dedicated to providing customers with common HVAC problems.  We routinely perform repairs for those systems so we thought we would make it easy on you to identify when you have a problem that calls for repair with a list and pictures below.

  • Thermostat is not working
  • Not cooling
  • Water leaking from the ceiling
  • Water dripping outside from top drain line
  • Ice build up
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping when the unit comes on
  • You’ve been told the refrigerant is low and there is a leak
  • You’ve been told the compressor is bad
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dirty indoor coil

Dirty Indoor Coil

Dirty indoor coils will restrict the airflow throughout your home and will cause the blower motor in your air conditioner to work harder.

Dirty Condenser Coil

Dirty condenser coils will hurt the efficiency of your system by reducing the amount of heat the condenser fan will reject from the home.

Split Thermostat Wire

Thermostat wires connect the thermostat to your air conditioner and if they split apart too much the unit will not function or at times function improperly.

rusted indoor coil

Rusted Indoor Coil

Rusted indoor coils will reduce the amount of heat the can be absorbed by the coils to make your home cooler and the coils can rust through and leak freon.

fan motor leaking oil

Fan Motor Leaking Oil

Your air conditioners fan motor leaking oil likely means that the bearings and gaskets of the motor are coming apart because your motor has worked a lot. This can be a problem because it can break down and cause your air conditioner to not deliver comfortable air.

Duct Work Leak

A duct work leak is definitely going to cause your unit to work harder because it is not going to distribute air well. Your unit will see a decrease in efficiency.

frozen evaporator coil

Frozen Indoor Coil

Dirty filters restricting air flow can cause the indoor coil to freeze and limit airflow. Low freon levels will mean that since there is not enough freon to absorb heat then the coils will freeze and limit the airflow distributing throughout your home.

frozen condenser

Frozen Condenser Coil

If your heat pump is in heat mode your condenser coil can freeze because it takes the heat from outside and brings it inside making the coils cold. Since its already cold outside they will freeze up. There is a sensor on the unit that will switch back into cooling mode so that it takes heat outside to defrost the condenser. This defrost sensor may break and leave the coils frozen.

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