How HVAC Works

This page is dedicated to providing our customers and potential customers with our HVAC knowledge and knowledge from other trusted sources about how air conditioner and heating systems work. Understanding how an Air Conditioning system works is very important if you’re a homeowner. Your AC unit is the heart of your home, without it the air in your home will be still and the temperature will be out of control, leaving you in uncomfortable conditions. We want to help you with your system and we dont want you to think that any of this information is beyond your understanding. Eventually you will need an HVAC company if not every summer, especially because of how hot Phoenix is. We hope you hold on to the information provided and keep us in mind whenever the time comes for an HVAC company.

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How HVAC Systems Work

gas furnaces

gas furnaces

electric furnaces
electric furnace
heat pumps

heat pump

air conditioners

air conditioner

How HVAC Components Work


ac compressor

evaporator coils




metering devices