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A New Compressor Or A New Unit

Trane’s Climatuff Compressor

Ever have an HVAC technician tell you your air conditioners compressor needs to be replaced?

When dealing with a major breakdown like this it’s important to consider if you’re just going to replace the compressor or get a whole new unit. First make sure that the compressor is the problem because this is a major breakdown (schedule a second opinion). Find out if your unit is under warranty. Then compare the cost and benefits.

Basically, if your unit is over 10 years of age and its not under warranty any more we recommend a new unit if you can fit it in your budget. A new unit has long term benefits with warranty, reliability, efficiency, and cost. If your unit is still under warranty, then all you have to worry about is paying for labor unless that is also covered under warranty. Compressor replacement might fix the problem in the meantime but there is still a risk for a future breakdown that will continue to cost you in repairs and time in the heat.

Compressor Replacement Cost

The replacement cost for an air conditioner compressor is an expensive repair, it could cost you around $1,500 to $2,500 dollars. The big problem with this option is that after years of maintaining your unit you could have spent that same amount of money in repairs and electrical cost on a whole new system. If you are thinking about just changing the compressor it doesn’t make sense to put a new part on with the rest of the system being old especially if you have a split system and the air handler doesn’t match-up. Your compromising for a temporary fix and risking another day you will have to spend in the heat.

A unit that is over 10 years old will more than likely not be under warranty anymore and might have R-22 refrigerant. That refrigerant is being phased out, its harder to get, and is becoming really expensive (its about $100 a lb.) that’s why we recommend getting a unit that uses R-410a refrigerant. Any other refrigerant related breakdowns will mean a costly repair every time and its only going to get more and more expensive as time goes on.

What The Technician Has To Do

You can’t fix a compressor once it has gone bad it must be replaced because they are hermetically sealed. For a compressor replacement the technician will have to disconnect electrical, remove the refrigerant and capture it in a storage cylinder, cut line sets, remove the condenser coil and everything around the compressor, replace the compressor, and finally put the rest back together. It could take the technician about 5-8 hours to do.
xv18 trane condenser
Trane XR Condenser Pictured Above

Getting a New Unit

If it can fit in your budget we recommend a new air conditioner because of how much more benefits there are compared to just replacing the compressor.

If you decide to make the purchase there are some awesome benefits:

Warranty: Most systems come with a 10 year parts warranty. We work with Trane and a lot of their systems also come with 2 years labor and sometimes 12 years on the compressor. On top of the warranty our company includes a preventative maintenance agreement for 2 years where we check the system every 6 months and include guaranteed emergency service within 24 hours if ever necessary.

Reliability: Even though you have a 10-year parts warranty to back you up, newer systems will be more reliable and durable than the older system.

Efficiency: a new unit will be a lot more efficient especially since required minimum SEER ratings in Arizona is 14! The most old units could reach was only 10. The more efficient system will lower utility bills since air conditions use the most amount of electricity in your home. Its one of the single best ways to save money on electric bills.

Proven to Save Money: Check out these blog post they are actual accounts we have with our own customers who have saved money with a new air conditioner.

Advanced Technology: If you get a mid to high end air conditioner it will have a programmable thermostat that can collect data on how the air conditioner performs. We prefer Trane and are routinely updated on how the units we have installed are performing and if there are ever any issues we are notified immediately. Communicating systems with variable speed capability perform the most efficient because they work alongside the thermostat to use the least amount of energy possible to deliver the best cooling and heating.

What To Do

If your in the Phoenix Metropolitan call us today for a free diagnosis and we can give you a second opinion on what needs to be done to fix your unit. Service calls are free Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and $55 any other time. If your units old and your just sick and tired of it having problems we can also schedule a free estimate for a new air conditioner.

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